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Dominique Game Fowl Online

Chickens of the Dom Gamefowl (Dominique) breed have a lengthy and interesting history. The Dominique Game Fowl Online is a highly sought-after breed since it was bred specifically for cockfighting and has highly refined traits and fighting techniques.

Dominique Chicken Hatching Eggs for Sale – Dom Gamefowl Original and Known Bloodlines

Dominique Game Fowl Online

Dominique Game Fowl Online

The Dom gamefowl will be examined in this article along with its history, origin, traits, fighting style, physical qualities, behavioral characteristics, tactics, and techniques. We’ll also examine why this breed of chicken is so well-liked and how it’s being utilized in cockfighting.

These lovely barred birds are referred to as “Dom” in the USA, which is short for “Dominique.” In the Philippines, they are referred to as “Bulik,” while in Spanish-speaking nations, they are referred to as “Bulico” (which refers to colored Dom) or “Dominico” (which refers to black-and-white Dom). Likewise, they are known in England and Ireland as “Crele” (for a colored Dom) or “Cuckoo” (for a black-and-white Dom).

They differ from other species due to a gene that produces barring, or zigzag spots of color. This patterned inhibition results from color pigmentation that is blocked or inhibited, whether it be in the form of all-white bars or a lighter shade than the bird’s genetically predetermined color. A bird may have the barring gene even if it is all white, albeit.

The famous Quatro Telas and other Spanish lineages were brought by breeders in the 1900s, replacing the English and Irish origins of Dom fowl in America in the 1800s. Because there are now more barless and barred types available, “American Dom” is a better designation than “English Dom” or “Irish Dom,” which are no longer the only options.

The American Dom has garnered praise for its several championship main events and derbies, including those in which Mr. J. D. Gay and Mr E. W. Law participated in the Orlando Tournament.

Combative Style

Dominique Gamefowl, often known as Dom, Bulik, or Dominique, is recognized for its deadly speed, cutting ability, and aggressive personality. Bulicks are able to enter a situation without showing any anxiety and may exit a confined space with a nasty shuffle.

A superior dom or bulik combatant may come from infiltrating some gamefowl bloodlines. Breeders frequently combine 50% yellow leg hatch, 25% sweater, and 25% Peiper or penny hatch in their breeding efforts.

However, this frequently results in disparaging statements without knowledge of the genetic history that the bird is simply another variety of Sweater or Hatch with different feathers. But it’s crucial to keep in mind that adding quality bloodlines to a Dom doesn’t alter its character; rather, it improves it.



Question: Are Dominique good egg layers?

Answer: Dominique hens have good egg production and will lay an average of 230 to 275 small to medium-sized eggs per year.

Question: How big are Dominique chickens?

Answer: The Dominique is of medium size, mature birds usually weighing some 5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg). The only recognized plumage coloration is cuckoo, sometimes known as “hawk” coloration, a regular pattern of light and dark – but not black and white – barring.

Question: Are Dominique chickens small?

Answer: The Dominique is a medium-sized bird with black and white barring over the entire body. The rose comb is characteristic. The heavy plumage not only protected the birds in cold weather but provided material for pillows and featherbeds.

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