How to Candle Chicken Eggs at Home

How to Candle Chicken Eggs at Home

How to Candle Chicken Eggs at Home? The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Egg Candling.

How to Candle Chicken Eggs at Home? Egg candling is a neat, cheap, and easy way to discover what is happening inside the egg, but how do you do it? Here you will find the complete guide on what candling is and when and how to perform it.

Candle Chicken Eggs at Home

Candle Chicken Eggs at Home


I will also explain some mysteries behind candling and help you get proficient at this skill, which is extremely useful for incubating and hatching.

Do you have to candle an egg?

No, really, you don’t, but if you can, it takes some of the guesswork out of hatching and can help you improve the chances of subsequent hatches. If you have had problems with bad hatches in the past, candling can sometimes help to see what goes wrong and give you some ideas to fix the problem for subsequent hatches as well.

What Is Egg Candling, And Why Do It?

Candling an egg allows you to see in a limited way what’s going on inside an egg at particular points along the way to full development. It is not a fail-safe way to tell what’s happening inside the egg, but using your finely tuned observational skills, you can get a pretty good idea of progress or problems.

Candling can give you an idea if the egg is progressing or whether there is a problem. As its name implies, originally, candling was done with a candle! Nowadays, it is done with a small, powerful light that you can shine against and through the eggshell.

There are several types of candles depending on what you want or need. We have a top-pick section for you later in the article to help you pick through the many choices available.

Limitations Of Egg Candling

We may think that 21 days to hatch is really fast (it is), but the changes happening inside the egg are small and difficult to monitor on a day-to-day basis even though they are continuous. Eggs that are dark in coloring–Black Copper Marans or Wholisms spring to mind are tough to see because of the darkness of the shell pigment. These types of eggs need a lot of practice to get proficient in ‘reading’ them.


Question: Can you tell if the egg is fertile with a flashlight?

Answer: For those of you who do not share the hatching addiction: “candling” is the method used to determine whether or not incubated eggs are fertile. When candling, we held a bright light up to the egg to illuminate the shell’s contents. Candling is best done in dark conditions, at night, or even inside a dark closet.

Question: Can I candle eggs on day 18?

Answer: In fertile eggs, you will initially see a small spot (the embryo) with a web of blood vessels radiating from it. By day 18 the embryo will take up most of the egg (apart from the air sac) and it will be hard to make out detail even with a good quality candler but you should be able to see movement.

Question: What is a flash egg?

Answer: Photo by Rachel Vine from Pepels. A nasty surprise to find in a chicken coop, a lash egg is an egg-shaped mass of tissue, pus, and yolk-like material.

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